How to put the usb in right.

So you are having trouble plugging in the USB plug into the port. Thankfully, we have all been there. First, you need to know the different types of USBs. The most common is the USB-A plug, this one is very dependendent on how it's plugged in. This one will be covered later. Next, there is USB-B, which looks strange and is uncommon. Next is, you guessed it, USB-B mini. This is like USB-B only it's larger. You then have USB-B micro, this is actualy micro. Then, there is the USB-B micro mini. This is bolth the Mini and micro combined, this is a pain to insert. Then the is the USB-B nano, which is just copper wire you poke at the port. Lastly in the USB-B family, there is the USB-Quantam. This cable is very easy to misplace as it is everywhere at once, but nowhere at all. Any data transmitted by it may or may not exist and does not work with computers larger than one atom. Then there is USB-C. This one is actualy decent, so we won't cover it. Finaly there is the Lightning cable, this is very powerfull but you must plug it in away from trees, high places or water. It is reccomended to crouch when you plug it in.

The types of USBs

How to plug in USBs

The USB-A can be properly plugged in using the following steps:
1) Try plugging in the USB with the side with the two dots on top
2) Realize the other side has two dots
3) Try that side
4) realize the other side was right
5) Inspect the plug and port
6) Try the first side
7) Purchace a goat
8) Create a pentagram
9) Summon a demon
10) Sell your soul
11) Go back to your computer and find out the USB-A has been replaced with a USB-C cable
12) Profit

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